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Breakfast cafe in Brera Milan


From 6.00 a.m. El Beverin offers breakfast service with a varied range of coffees, cappuccinos, chocolates and a wide selection of cakes, croissants confectionery for a good morning here in El Beverin.

Midday lunch

At El Beverin you can rigorously eat Italian food - all day long - (50 seats floors, 50 seats basement, 45 seats outdoor): five main courses, seven second courses, four cold dishes and excellent desserts in addition to an endless list of rolls.

Midday lunch in Brera Milan
Buffet aperitif in Brera Milan

Buffet aperitif

At nightfall, from 6.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. the big wooden counter of the picturesque bar is struk by the robust aperitif buffet. A wide range of aperitif drinks hand-made by our barmen will be at your choice.

Late evening

El Beverin is also Cocktail, to our place at late evening time (and not only) you can savour all types of cocktails. Among sweets, the sugary Blue Temptation and the intense Red Passion. For the fans of Cerere daughters on the menu the 4,5,6 hops by Angelo Poretti.

Late evening in Brera Milan