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El Beverin

Bar and Restaurant El Beverin - Via Brera, 29 Milan Italy

Located in the heart of Brera - Milan - on the corner between the busy Pontaccio Street and Brera Street, El Beverin is the perfect meeting place to whoever desires an atmosphere full of calm and discretion.

The bar, of remarkable historical value, in time has become a charming meeting place loved by Milanese people and really popular for tourists and passing through visitors (passers-by).

Open from 6.00 till 3.00 non-stop, from breakfast on, it is the ideal haven for every moment of the day.

How to resist to the temptation of having a cappuccino or a coffee without one of the confectionery specialities. At noon customers (50 seats floor, 50 seats basement, 45 seats outdoor) are welcomed by an appetising menu written in English or Italian to highlight the international feature of the metropolis which changes everyday with a large choice between a varies range of dishes instantly prepared starters, main courses and lots of tasty salads in addition to an endless list of rolls. Besides for a pre and after dinner aperitif in company - till late evening - a rich list of traditional cocktails and of many original home-made new ones.